Our Family
Owner & Instructor
Cheryl Hubenak
Retired School Teacher – Grapevine/Colleyville ISD
Instructors (Cheryl’s Daughters)
Holly Anderson
Melissa Spivey

Holly’s family
Melissa’s Family

Our Story

I began teaching in our backyard in 1975 after teaching my  one year old daughter.  I was taking post graduate classes in Special Education at Texas Wesleyan University and had to do a presentation on a teaching style so I chose teaching swimming. Using an underwater movie camera I filmed my one year old learning to roll over and float and kick until she reached the side of the pool.  It was a great bonding experience.

After I did my presentation people began to ask me to teach their children my survival method, thus the school was established. I started with just a couple of children and then increased each year.

10 months later my daughter climbed the struts to the above ground pool and fell in while we were in the front yard planting a tree.  I never dreamed she could climb the walls and we had a false sense of security because there was no ladder to climb.  We could hear her singing and talking and thought she was talking to the neighbor, not knowing she was floating contently. When I saw her I hurtled the wall in blue jeans and tennis shoes and picked her up.  Her response was,” I can’t find the side”

Being young parents we immediately took her to the doctor who was amazed and said she was perfectly fine.  She then enrolled her infant son in my classes and referred her patients to me also.  Our classes have continued to grow each year by word of mouth. We have taught three generations of families who return year after year.

My daughter is now in her 30’s and teaches high school Biology and A.P. Environmental Science.  Our youngest was introduced to swimming at 2 months and loved to float and kick her way around the pool.

We feel that it is so important for children and adults to learn to swim and be safe in the water.  That day in 1975 was a divine intervention that has given us the passion to teach.